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A letter from our 2023 Leadership Chair:

In the past year and a half, we have faced global adversity. For the first time in months, restaurants are up and running, universities have all in-person courses, and Kyle field is expected to be filled with over a hundred thousand people. Business owners, leaders of families, first responders, and many others that we may know personally, have faced this adversity head-on. We’ve seen incredible examples of leaders overcoming challenges in a time when the world needs it most.

Leadership is one of the six core values of Texas A&M University and simultaneously represents one of the three pillars in One Army. We believe that, as an organization and as leaders, we must rise to the occasion by setting an example for Aggie students, promoting unity on campus, and bettering each other throughout the process. More than anything, this world needs passionate leaders who are willing to face today’s adversities confidently. 


In One Army, internal leadership development manifests itself in tangible ways: hearing from leadership speakers who have led through adversity in their lives/careers, pursuing accountability through our weekly fight club meetings, bible study, life groups, and providing members with a platform to share their personal interests and unique hobbies during meetings.


This year, we will be challenging each other to learn from our surroundings, the leaders in our community, and people with different perspectives than us. We will tackle  “hard topics” to prepare us for the many to come in our professional and personal lives. The hope is that a new generation of leaders will be ready to carry the torch on to others at the end of this year!

Lastly, we recognize that we are in no way perfect leaders or men, nor will we ever reach that goal. In simple words, we are college students striving towards accountability and self-development every day. We want to make an impact at Texas A&M that counts, and we hope to continue taking steps in the right direction.

Please, if you have any questions or leadership opportunities for One Army, contact me at the email below.





Cameron Carriker

One Army Leadership Chair 2023-2024

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