One Army has many values that we attempt to hold true to and center our goals around. The three core pillars of our organization are Service, Leadership, and Brotherhood. 

We are extremely humbled to be able to work with such a phenomenal philanthropy like Still Creek Ranch. Spending time with the faculty and boys that reside there is something that our members are extremely passionate about.

A letter from our Service Chair: Jonathan Martin

A letter from our Service Chair:


The men of One Army are motivated to selfless and authentic service. Service consists of the willingness to put others before yourself, and feeling gratitude for the ability to serve. As members of the Bryan-College Station area, students of Texas A&M, and members of One Army, we feel it is our duty to lend our strengths and abilities to those around us...

A letter from our Brotherhood Chair: Ryan Meyer


A letter from our Brotherhood Chair:


In One Army brotherhood is not just an idea, it is a reality. Brotherhood truly is a key component of our foundation that allows us to put on one of the best races Central Texas has to offer, in Gladiator Dash. Over the past three years, I have seen growth in myself and other members that is unsurpassable in comparison to anything else I have been a part of. We constantly strive to build each other up...


A letter from our Leadership Chair: Philip Grandjean

A letter from our Leadership Chair:


If you walk around and ask people “what makes a good leader”, I believe a good summary of the responses that you get might be “a good leader makes people feel important, provides them with a sense of worth, and creates opportunities for people to succeed”.  These are all great ideals of a good leader, but what truly separates good leaders from great leaders is where these ideals begin. A good leader may make people feel important, but a great leader...

Still Creek Ranch

Boys and Girls Home

Still Creek Ranch is a non-profit boys and girls home located in Bryan, Texas. Still Creek operates entirely off of donations, so we, as One Army, dedicate our efforts to giving as generously as we can to the boys of Still Creek Ranch. The mission of Still Creek is "...to rescue at-risk children and raise them to be anchored in hope, restored through Christ, and equipped for life.  We seek to have a multi-generational impact by breaking the cycle of crisis and empowering them to make Biblical decisions, have healthy relationships, and reach their full God-given potential." We are blessed to work so closely with such a wonderful philanthropy.

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