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About One Army

Our Mission Statement:

"The One Army mission is to develop its members as Aggies and leaders by serving the campus and community and promoting unity in Aggieland."


One Army Pillars:


One Army values the continual development of its members into leaders not only in the organization, but in the classroom, other organizations, and life beyond. Our Leadership pillar is displayed at our weekly meetings where our leadership chair schedules professional outside speakers and conducts leadership segments that focus on our individual and organizational-wide growth. Find our leadership letter below written by our Leadership Chairman, Cameron Carriker, to hear more about what Leadership means to One Army.


Our philanthropy Still Creek Boys Ranch, based out of Bryan, Texas, is a home which shelters abused and neglected children from around the country. The mission of Still Creek Ranch is to restore the lives of the boys and girls that live there by placing them in a family-style home environment, an on-site accredited boarding school, TAPPS athletics, fine arts, and equestrian and agricultural programs. Every Spring, we put on a 5k obstacle integrated mud run called Gladiator Dash, in which 100% of the proceeds go directly to Still Creek. Still Creek Ranch is a place that our organization holds near and dear to its heart, and is proud to serve. Find our service letter below written by our Service Chairman, Max Danna, to hear more about what Service means to One Army.


One Army is a men's organization that promotes the unity and fostering of genuine relationships between its members. Brotherhood is what ties every member of One Army together, and is what will keep our bonds and connections together for years to come after graduation. But brotherhood means much more than a group of our members hanging out together, it means the collective growth of its members into better men, friends, fathers, and husbands, through its members pushing one another to remain in constant pursuit of becoming a better man. Find our brotherhood letter below written by our Brotherhood Chairman, Noah Vandenhouten, to hear more about what Brotherhood means to One Army.


A letter from our Leadership Chair: Cameron Carriker

A letter from our Leadership Chair:


In the past year and a half, we have faced global adversity. For the first time in months, restaurants are up and running, universities have all in-person courses, and Kyle field is expected to be filled with over a hundred thousand people. Business owners, leaders of families, first responders, and many others that we may know personally, have faced this adversity head-on. We’ve seen incredible examples of leaders overcoming challenges in a time when the world needs them most...


A letter from our Brotherhood Chair: Noah Vandenhouten

A letter from our Brotherhood Chair:


The desire to be part of something greater than oneself is a constant search to find a purpose in the immense and prestigious University that is Texas A&M. Since 1999, One Army has filled that search ten-fold for men from across campus. From planned Brotherhood Retreats, Ski Trips, meetings, and weekly events to random entire days spent with your brothers, sleeping on their couches to start it all over again, there’s a deep satisfaction that you’ve found the place you were meant to be...


A letter from our Service Chair: Max Danna

A letter from our Service Chair:

Much like Texas A&M University, One Army pushes its members to better themselves by serving those around them. Since our conception in 1999, service has been at the forefront of our organization, along with leadership and brotherhood to create the three pillars that make One Army what it is, and what it will become. It is part of our mission to “serve the campus and community, and promote unity in Aggieland” much like Selfless Service is a core value at our university...

Still Creek Ranch

About Our Philanthropy

Still Creek Ranch is a non-profit boys and girls home located in Bryan, Texas. Still Creek operates entirely off of donations, so we, as One Army, dedicate our efforts to giving as generously as we can to the boys of Still Creek Ranch. The mission of Still Creek is " rescue at-risk children and raise them to be anchored in hope, restored through Christ, and equipped for life.  We seek to have a multi-generational impact by breaking the cycle of crisis and empowering them to make Biblical decisions, have healthy relationships, and reach their full God-given potential." We are blessed to work so closely with such a wonderful philanthropy.

One School. One Spirit. One Army.

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