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A letter from our 2022 Brotherhood Chair:

The desire to be part of something greater than oneself is a constant search to find a purpose in the
immense and prestigious University that is Texas A&M. Since 1999, One Army has filled that search
ten-fold for men from across campus. From planned Brotherhood Retreats, Ski Trips, meetings, and
weekly events to random entire days spent with your brothers, sleeping on their couches to start it all over
again, there’s a deep satisfaction that you’ve found the place you were meant to be. One Army’s
members will challenge you to be a better student, son, father, and friend, with complacency being a word
of the past. Brotherhood will ensure you will leave A&M with memories to last a lifetime and stories to tell,
as you continue to develop with the men of One Army far beyond college.

In One Army, you’re part of a greater whole, and the men that constitute the General Membership are
driven leaders from across campus. From our brothers that are icons for the Corp of Cadets and the
University as a whole, those that don a Maroon Coat and represent the student body to long graduated
Alumni, to those that lead in their own academic and personal passions everyday, inspiration and drive is
found in every nook-and-cranny. There’s a quote I hold close to my heart, “You’re a reflection of those you
surround yourself with”, and it’s hard to find better men. You have the opportunity to grow into that man
you have pictured in your head and reach goals greater than you ever anticipated.

Brotherhood intermingles perfectly into our other pillars of Leadership and Service. One Army comes
together in its mission to serve the A&M campus and community in our unique yearly philanthropic event:
Gladiator Dash. We get together to combine our passion and drive to put it towards the best
obstacle-integrated mud run in Central Texas for the benefit of the boys and girls of Still Creek Ranch, a
non-profit boys and girls home in Bryan, Texas. I can personally attest and say that being a hand in
putting on Gladiator Dash 2021 was the greatest activity I’ve been a part of in college. From setting up
Gladiator Dash alongside the men that will be a part of you for the rest of your life, to seeing the joy in the
runners' faces and the boys of Still Creek Ranch as you run it with them, you play a part in something
much greater than yourself.

I am honored to be the Internal Relations Chair for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, and it is my
mission that the members of One Army further immerse themselves into the Brotherhood and One Army
experience, and create those memories that define our days at Texas A&M. Every event is an opportunity
to get to grow closer to those around you, and to unite as One Army. The opportunity to be surrounded by
men of such caliber with incredibly different backgrounds and perspectives is an incredible experience.
Passionate is a word that we use to describe One Army, and I encourage every member to further that
passion and radiate it onto the campus, community, Still Creek Ranch, and all facets of your life.
If you have any comments or questions about our organization or admissions, please reach out to me at
the email address listed below or contact me via text or call at the below cell number.



William Vogelsang

One Army Brotherhood Chair 2022-2023|210.241.8729

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