A letter from our 2020 Brotherhood Chair:

The members of One Army are allowed to grow together and grow better as men as well as impact the community that surrounds them in positive ways. This is founded on their love, passion, and dedication to the people that they surround themselves with.  One Army members challenge each other to be better students, family members, and leaders every day by backing each other in times of need and inspiring each other to never be self-satisfied. We are given this opportunity for brotherhood and growth through many events throughout the year such as Brotherhood Retreats, meetings, and other weekly or spur of the moment events that define everlasting memories that you have with your brothers.  

Since our conception in 1999, a pillar of One Army has been its Brotherhood and it along with the other two pillars of Leadership and Service we have had the opportunity to put on the best obstacle-integrated mud run Texas has to offer, Gladiator Dash. The race benefits the boys and girls of Still Creek Ranch, non-profit boys and girls home in Bryan, Texas.  The brotherhood that the members of One Army surround themselves in and commit themselves to is a driving factor to the best event and cause that I have ever witnessed much less get to play a role in.  Brotherhood drives our passion for not only one another but the campus and community that surrounds us and the members of One Army do not take that commitment lightly. 

As the Internal Relations Chair for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year I am making it my mission to strive to make every member of One Army experience and dive into the brotherhood. Showing up, getting and staying involved, and staying adamant about working to better your own life and the lives of the people around you inside and outside of One Army.  Unity is a word that gets thrown around with a lot of organizations on campus and it is one of the single most defining factors of a group's efficacy.  This year I will strive to make One Army united across its membership, standing tall as one group that has each other's backs but also the back of Texas A&M, the back of Bryan/College Station, and the back of the Boys and Girls of Still Creek Ranch.

I am beyond eager for this year and the prospect of being with a group of individuals that I look up to and enjoy spending time with for another year here at Texas A&M.  Texas A&M is a university that prides itself on its people and I believe that there are no better representatives of those people than the members of One Army. If you have any comments or questions about our organization please reach out to me at the email address listed below or contact me via text or call at the below cell number.



Rob Thomas

One Army Brotherhood Chair 2021-2022