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A letter from our 2023 Service Chair:

One Army is a place to learn, a place to improve, and a place to serve


Much like Texas A&M University, One Army pushes its members to better themselves by serving those around them. Since our conception in 1999, service has been at the forefront of our organization, along with leadership and brotherhood to create the three pillars that make One Army what it is, and what it will become. It is part of our mission to “serve the campus and community, and promote unity in Aggieland” much like Selfless Service is a core value at our university. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve impactful organizations in the Bryan-College Station area such as Brazos Valley Food Bank, The Big Event, Reach Project and our philanthropy, Still Creek Ranch.


Still Creek Ranch is the biggest place that One Army dedicates our serivce to. Each week provides a new opportunity to be present in the lives of the boys at Still Creek Ranch. Our mentorship program allows members of One Army to establish a close connection with a resident of the ranch and provide a positive role model to empower them in various aspects of their lives, including friendships, school, and faith. This isn’t the only area that One Army impacts still creek ranch. We have been blessed to have the opportunity to also support our boys in their Basketball season by attending games, taking them to an Aggie Basketball at Reed Arena, hanging out on fridays at the ranch, putting on food and clothing drives, serving in Still Creek Work Days and being present throughout the year on top of the best philanthropic event of the year Gladiator Dash. 


Outside of Still Creek, everyone takes on service differently. We have had members of the One Army organize relief efforts following hurricanes, coordinate the historic Red, White, & Blue-out at the Texas A&M Football game following the attacks of 9/11, start nonprofits that provide benefits for those in need in our community, partner with other student organizations in their service efforts, and even serve our nation overseas. In the future, there will be many more examples and opportunities just like these as the men of One Army continue to serve both the campus and the community. 


This year, our focus is on being present in our service. While completing tasks and accomplishing goals are important, our intentionality and relationships with those we serve are what make our service everlasting. These come from the memories and relationships with the kids at Still Creek, the other organizations we work with for their own philanthropies, and One Army’s impacting the Bryan College Station area through Big Event. The relationships we build with the people we serve is an aspect of our service that will last a lifetime. One of the ways we fulfiill our mission statement of serving the campus and community and promoting unity in aggie land is through our presence-focused service. 


In my life I have never seen a service in the way that One Army serves. One Army's determined approach to service has taught its members that no task is too daunting and that any challenge can be overcome. That comes from the passion we have for Still Creek Ranch and the blessing of working with them each week to help out the people we like to call our friends. Our passion for Still Creek Ranch and the trust they have placed in us is a testament to the character of the men in One Army. I would not be in this position if it weren’t for my mentee, I learned so much from him over the last year and the impact that I’ve had on him just mirrors the impact he had on me. The unique relationship that I have been honored with having through the mentorship program has only grew my love for Still Creek Ranch and I can’t wait to serve them more than ever. 

If you have any questions regarding service in One Army, or opportunities to serve others, please feel free to contact me at the email listed below.




Maxwell Danna​

One Army Service Chair 2023-2024

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