Meet The O-Team

Jake Beaird

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Environmental Design '21

Chris Wilhelmi

  • Connect with Chris

Vice President

Industrial Distribution '21 - MS Finance '22

Kolbe Klement

  • Connect with Kolbe

Leadership Chair

Business Honors - Finance '21

Cooper Ligon

  • Connect with Cooper

Social Chair

Supply Chain Management '21

Zach Skrehot

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Service Chair

Accounting '21

Neil Wiegand

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Internal Relations Chair

Industrial Distribution '22

Ryan Hering

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Business Honors '21

Brett Allen

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Fundraising Chair

General Engineering '22

Griffin Weiss

  • Connect with Chip

Alumni Chair

Supply Chain Management '22

Garrett Anz

  • Connect with Garrett

External Relations Chair

Accounting - MS MIS '20

Jackson Sorrell

  • Connect with Jackson

Philanthropy Chair

Economics '21

Blake Koepke

  • Connect with Blake

Philanthropy Chair

Construction Management '20

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