A letter from our 2020 Leadership Chair:


The world we live in right now is not an easy world. It seems like everywhere we turn, we find crisis and distress - whether that’s with the tragedy of racial injustice and hate in our world today, the global pandemic effecting millions of people in our country, political unrest, or even the unfortunate reality of the social and educational landscape as students at Texas A&M. 

At times, it can be easy to feel defeated and as if there’s little to be done. But this semester, as an organization and as leaders, we are striving to face these crises head-on. Our theme for the semester is “Leading through Crisis”, aiming to view the various crises of our lives as Opportunity rather than Finality. We believe there are some unique opportunities in the year ahead including supporting minorities and those impacted by racial injustice, serving the boys at Still Creek Ranch, building up future leaders, & uniting the campus and community.

In addition, we believe that Leadership comes from a desire to serve. At its core, we prioritize leadership in order to build up the next generation of leaders. This year, we will also be challenging each other to think about specific people in our lives in which we can invest in and build up as future leaders. The hope is that at the end of this year, a new generation of leaders will be ready to carry the torch on to others!

Lastly, we recognize we are in no way perfect leaders or men, nor will we ever reach that goal of perfection. However, through striving towards that perfection every day, we hope to continue to make steps in the right direction. 


As men of One Army, we also believe that leadership development should manifest itself in very tangible ways. Just a couple examples include - hearing from leadership speakers with unique and groundbreaking perspectives on a variety of issues, pursuing accountability through our weekly Fight Club meetings, Bible Study, and other small groups, as well as providing members a platform to share their interests and gifts during meetings. 


Kolbe Klement

One Army Leadership Chair 2020-2021



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