A letter from our 2018 Leadership Chair:


If you walk around and ask people “what makes a good leader”, I believe a good summary of the responses that you get might be “a good leader makes people feel important, provides them with a sense of worth, and creates opportunities for people to succeed”.  These are all great ideals of a good leader, but what truly separates good leaders from great leaders is where these ideals begin. A good leader may make people feel important, but a great leader genuinely attributes great importance to those around him. A good leader may provide people with a sense of worth, but a great leader truly values and sees real worth in each person they interact with.  A good leader creates opportunities for people to succeed, but a great leader truly desires to see those around him flourish. When it comes to great leadership, its not necessarily the action that makes it great, but the intention.

The type of leadership found in this organization is incredible, because the men of One Army don’t just do things that leaders are supposed to do and call it a day. We are constantly encouraged to take a step back, to think about why we’re here, to think about why we do the things we do, and to lead with a purpose. Each member of One Army is encouraged to discover his “why” and to keep that at the front of his mind in everything he does.

Leadership development and experience is offered in many ways in One Army. Throughout the year, we bring leadership speakers into our meetings. These speakers range from fathers of current members to successful businessmen, or founders of the organization to A&M professors.

We offer a leadership retreat each semester that aims to be innovative and informative, while most importantly being practical and applicable. As members we also hold each other accountable to grow as well through member leadership speeches, book clubs, service, and so much more.

The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. This year, One Army wants to focus on leading with love. Our time as active members in this organization is finite, but our roles as brothers, sons, fathers, friends, and spouses stay with us, and in many ways are just beginning. Connecting to people and fostering relationships, that is the human experience and therefore our focus this year will be developing a true sense of what it means to love and value every person we interact with, and defining how we can translate that to every role we play in this life.

There is truly no lack of leadership in One Army and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the process through which we become the best brothers, sons, fathers, friends, and spouses that we can possibly be.


Philip Grandjean

One Army Leadership Chair 2018-2019


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